"The best charity we can do for the Spiritism is its divulgation" Emmanuel

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Initial Information

It is always with great satisfaction that we welcome all those seeking answers to the basic questions in life, such as “Where did I come from?”, “Where am I going?”, “Does happiness exist?”, “Why do I suffer?”; or those who seek solace and comfort from their pain; those who want to know more about the Spiritist Doctrine; or even those that come to us out of sheer curiosity. We might not have all the answers, but perhaps together we can come to a better understanding. We might not have the cure for every sickness, but we’ll always have the comfort of true fraternity. And without a doubt we can grow together on the path to happiness that we are all destined to!

It is very important to clarify that our House will always have open arms welcoming those who in need, but for reasons of physical limitations, it is necessary to lock the doors at the beginning of activities. Therefore, let’s all be attentive to the schedules followed by the House so that we are not late, and waste an opportunity to participate in the day’s activities.

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Since October 29th, 2012, we have a new address:

5425 Old Floyd Rd SW, Mableton GA 30126-2203