What is Spiritism?

Spiritism is a doctrine that deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits and their relationship with the material life. It was revealed by Superior Spirits and codified (organized) in 1857 by a French teacher known as Allan Kardec. For the Spiritist, Spiritism constitutes the Third Revelation.

It was founded, therefore, in France over a century ago. It has three sides: philosophy, science and religion (moral).

Let's see what Allan Kardec tells us on the subject in the books "What is Spiritism" and "Posthumous Works", respectively:

Summarizing in a very didactic form, drawing from the words of scholar, writer and Spiritist speaker Richard Simonetti:

As any experimental science, Spiritism is based is the Scientific Method. Let's look at Kardec's words about the subject:

As any science, Spiritism also has its fundamental basis. The first is the existence of God, that according to the answer number one (1) in the "Spirits' Book" is "the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things".

For the Spiritist God is all love, wisdom and justice. But on a closer look, He must also have the following attributes:

Reason leads us to conclude that God is infinite in all of those attributes, otherwise He would not be God. Followed, we'll look at the other foundations of Spiritism:

These are the pillars on which the Doctrine is built. On it were coded all other basic works: The Spirits' Book, Medium's Book, Heaven and Hell, Genesis According to Spiritism and The Gospel According to Spiritism. On this base, complementary work brings us more knowledge, like the series "Life in the Spiritual World" dictated by Andre Luis, through psychography, to Chico Xavier.

The followers of Spiritism are called Spiritists, and their practices are based in the study of the basic and complimentary works of codification and in the material and spiritual assistance of the needy. For more information, please check the FAQ or contact us.

"The true Spiritist can be recognised by their moral transformation and by the efforts they employ in order to dominate their bad instincts"

(Gospel According to Spiritism, CH. XVII, item 4, The Good Spiritist)

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